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SHEET METAL FABRICATION [including Stainless Steel]

Sheet metal is one of the most widely used products in the industry. Yarra Ranges Steel Services is a leading provider of CNC, turret punch and general sheet metal applications in Australia. So if you are considering Metal Sheet, or a Steel Sheet, we can use our Sheet Metal Fabrications or Steel Fabrications engineering  we can get it done for you. Furthermore let us know if you searched Sheet metal fabrication near me in Google to find us. We are located in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Bayswater, Kilsyth Area. Call us for more advice and likewise for sheet metal prices and sizes please. (03) 9761 6404 

Some Applications For Sheet Metal

CNC Fabrication

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication is an incredibly precise and efficient method of manipulating the shape of metal to meet new requirements. Whether it’s perforated steel sheets or custom-designed hardware casing, we can provide a high quality product within fabrication tolerances of as little as 0.5mm.

As a quality provider of sheet metal supplies in Melbourne, Yarra Ranges Steel Services has made a promise to its customers to never compromise on quality. This is the reason why you can rely on our sheet metal supplies to work perfectly in any project you use them in. Any structure built using our sheet metal supplies is sure to be strong and durable.

Uses of Sheet Metal

Depending upon which kind of sheet metal you order from us at Yarra Ranges Steel Services, you can complete a number of projects using our top quality sheet metal supplies. The light sheet metal is ideal for domestic uses where simple renovations and improvements are required because these can be shaped using hand tools. These sheets can be used for creating home flashings, trailer repairs, Custom built BBQ kitchens, toolboxes, 4×4 drive accessories, or anything else in Sheet metal you may require.

Custom-Made Orders

Sheet Metal Supplies
Sheet metal Fabrication

Whether you’re a tradesmen who’s in need of a durable toolbox, an outdoor cooking aficionado who thinks a beer keg might make a good barbeque, or just someone look for a perforated metal sheets to obscure some external plant equipment, Yarra Ranges Steel Services have got you covered. Call us today for an obligation-free quote or just some advice on your needs.

Bakery Industry

It may come as a surprise but the bakery industry is one that takes high quality metal products very seriously. Constant wear and tear with hot trays and repeated use mean the average bread rack seen in the back of your local bakery needs to be built as tough as the vent grills we installed at Barwon Prison. We have enjoyed a strong relationship with the bakery industry, especially through our triple-clad stainless steel bread racks that can take the punishment of the commercial bread trade.

Sheet Metal Supplies

Call Yarra Ranges Steel Services on 03 9761 6404 or contact us online to find out more on what our sheet metal capabilities can provide for you.

Stainless steel metal sheets are ideal for keeping the rust off wherever they are installed – whether for structural and/or acoustic reasons. They are easy to repair and maintain and prove to provide good value for the money you pay for them. These metal sheets are quite versatile and can be used for domestic, industrial, and commercial purposes.

Yarra Ranges Steel Services can provide you excellent sheet metal supplies with varying thickness so they can serve your purpose well. Our workers have the capability to create fine drafts of your requirements and to transfer them onto sheet metal accurately for you. The pattern created on metal sheets will help with easy folding and binding of it so you can transform it into the desired shape and use it for ductwork, for creating a box, or whatever you required it for.

So give us a call at Yarra Ranges Steel Service  and place your order today!

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