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STAINLESS STEEL ACOUSTIC LOUVRE PRODUCTS MELBOURNE. {or Acoustic Louver Products} We custom build rectangular and cylindrical duct silencers, and then select the appropriate  Attenuators to suit the application. The need to keep sound contained, is a surprisingly important and common need among a wide variety of businesses. There are a variety of measures that can be taken to contain or reduce noise both indoors and outdoors. Yarra Ranges Steel is an expert in the provision and design of custom-made STAINLESS STEEL ACOUSTIC LOUVRE PRODUCTS. With our Stainless steel Fabrication Services, we are knowledgeable about Environmental Protection Act (EPA) regulations and furthermore, Australia-wide and can provide advice and products that adhere to these rules. .


Acoustic louvres are commonly used as part of ventilation systems to contain sound. Therefore, providing ample airflow for breathable air in such environments as subterranean car parks, external backup generators, rooftop air-conditioning units and above ventilation shafts. Likewise Acoustic louvres can also be automated and controlled by your computer, if the CO2 levels reach certain levels. Also, if a backup generator is activated, the louvres will automatically open to provide cooling airflow for the unit, ventilating any unwanted fumes and quietening noise at street level. Who doesn’t want to be in a quiet environment?

Acoustic Attenuators & Acoustic Enclosures

When you want to hold back the noise of any kind, acoustic attenuators and silencers are the answer! Welcome to Yarra Ranges Steel Fabrication Services, your expert provider of acoustic products in Australia.

We have been successfully providing acoustic attenuators and silencers for both domestic as well as commercial uses. The quality and durability of our products is ensured to our clients because we strictly adhere with the Australian quality standards as laid down by the law. Our products have been tried and tested at some of Australian leading sites. Just to mention a few R.C.Hospital Melbourne, Victorian Desalination Plant, The Age Building, are all enjoying approved acceptable noise levels.

The Need for Acoustic Attenuators

HVAC systems are used in all applications of our everyday living from the local shopping centres Libraries, Office blocks, Airports and Hospitals wherever air-conditioning is required or any kind of exhaust extraction

Using Acoustic Silencing is just as important as enjoying the comfort of your Air-conditioning system without the noise, In addition our silencers are engineered to operate your system to keep it whisper quite. Whilst being relatively cost efficient , meaning your air-conditioning system never needs to be turned off, and never hearing your neighbours A/C unit in the middle of the night.

 Acoustic Louvres & Acoustic Silencers

If you are operating a factory which has A/C systems / or any equipment that makes a noise i.e. Air compressors, Generators, Extraction Fans, Noisy equipment then you may require acoustic attenuators , Doors , Louvres , panelling or silencers to be able to reduce the noise without affecting the airflow; then an acoustic silencing product may be the answer to your problems . Factory workers normally complain about the noise levels in their work environment. Using our top quality acoustic enclosures or wall panelling, will help you in improving working conditions for yourself and your workers, resulting in an improved productivity levels!

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louvres stainless steel fabrication melbourne

Acoustic Doors

acoustic walls with style
Acoustic products including acoustic walls

Acoustic doors and Acoustic Walls are an essential item for keeping sound in rooms like recording studios; television sets, editing booths and interview rooms. Along with soundproofing, specially designed acoustic doors prevent sound from escaping through spaces around the doorway.

Acoustic Shells

If a building is fitted with an external generator, pump, air conditioner, ventilator or any other form of noise producing plant equipment that is attached to a building, Our Metal Fabrication Services can provide a metal shell to surround your plant equipment. This will keep noise within EPA requirements and will be manufactured to compliment your building’s aesthetic.

Acoustic Louvres by Yarra Ranges Steel

 Every property and its systems are unique in design, requiring a customized acoustic solution. This is exactly what we keep in mind when we serve our clients. Our acoustic louvres are designed and manufactured based on your specific requirements to meet your unique circumstances. Our expert staff comes up with the most innovative designs for your acoustic louvres to make sure they provide you high performing noise reduction. Our acoustic systems are designed for providing maximum functionality while meeting aesthetic requirements as well.

The Need for Acoustic Enclosures

We also provide our clients acoustic enclosures for both domestic and commercial usage. These enclosures effectively surround noise-emitting equipment and reduce the noise by creating a barrier in-between. They isolate the equipment and work towards minimizing the noise and vibration produced from it. Acoustic enclosures are also useful when you want to protect an area from infiltration of noise from the outside. The area within the acoustic enclosure becomes almost soundproof and is ideal for voice recording and editing purposes. If you own a plant where critical measurements are taking place and precision is a must, you can carry out these activities within the acoustic enclosure we provide.

So reduce the noise pollution from your life effectively by placing an order for acoustic attenuators, enclosures, silencers, louvres and other systems with Stainless Steel Fabrications.

For more information on Yarra Ranges Service’s leading range of louvers, doors, shells and other products, call 03 9761 6404 or contact us online.

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