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Stainless steel fabrication Melbourne capibilityYarra Ranges Steel Services is one of the most capable and Hi Tech Steel Fabrication engineering companies in Victoria and Australia. Our speciality lies in an unparalleled line of acoustic products but we also excel as all-purpose stainless steel manufacturers and Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet  production. We are Stainless Steel Fabrication with Solutions. We are known as the experts in plant and equipment production. Our loyal and growing customer base proves our fearless versatility and ability to efficiently and economically provide acoustic and metal solutions.

Leaders in the Field

Stainless Steel Fabrications Services in Melbourne knows the importance of always being abreast of the most current and up-to-date manufacturing techniques. As stainless steel manufacturers, we consistently make ourselves aware of what’s new in the industry through attending industry conventions and researching new technologies being developed in steel production, as well as developing our own techniques as stainless steel manufacturers. We operate on machinery that is rarely more than two or three years old and use the most up-to-date software for CNC-controlled machinery and Fabricating Perforated Metal Sheets.

stainless steel sound proofing Acoustic_Products

Acoustic Products

Did you know there are legal sound requirements for products like air conditioners, generators and refrigeration units attached to buildings? We are the number one choice on tender documents for acoustic products specifically designed to reduce noise. These products are usually covered with perforated metal sheets or automated louvers and provide ample airflow with an aesthetic to match a building’s look.

Quality Assured

Yarra Ranges Steel Services has developed quality assurance programs and testing techniques that are second-to-none. We have worked hard to enforce production tolerances of less than 0.5mm. We are capable of providing custom products that are engineered to precise specifications as well as developing solutions for any engineering conundrum, which sets us apart from other stainless steel manufacturers.

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